New Security Measure

Since we’ve been getting account lockouts because of failed login attempts, I’ve implemented a new security measure which will auto-blacklist people if certain, particular conditions are met. These conditions are unlikely to ever be reached by a normal human user. However, if you’re a normal user and you are impacted by these security measures, do contact me.


Any bots or phishers out there which trigger these conditions are going to find themselves on a global multisite blacklist.


If you’re reading this with your eyes and/or possibly ears, then you’re on a website now. If you’re reading this with your nostrils or some other part of your body, then that’s kinda weird, but good for you.

This website is for a THING! And this thing exists now! This post also exists, but it will probably not exist for long. I just don’t like the default “There’s no news posts!” message.

Fairy Dust and Pixie Powder is a trading card game intended to be played in Tabletop Simulator. It should be considered in theĀ alpha stage. Everything in the everyplace may be changed without warning. FDPP will enter beta once at least 30 cards are finished, and once basic functionality (card trading/giving/removing/exporting) is in place.

Note that there will be a wipe once alpha phase is underway. Right now, the server is giving out more cards than it normally would so that we can stress test the system. Don’t get too attached to your inventory. There will be a little something special for people who help out during alpha, though.